Jansen CN Rail Spur

About Jansen CN Rail Spur

CN is proposing to construct and operate a new 47 km long rail spur (shown in red on the map below), which would connect the Joint Access Spur (JAS) north of the Village of Jansen to the CN Watrous Subdivision east of the Town of Nokomis, Saskatchewan.

BHP has led various early activities since 2017 related to the proposed Jansen CN Rail Spur including a series of engagements such as public open houses and landowner discussions. The proposed route needed to meet safety requirements, stakeholder objectives, achieve minimal interference and deal with engineering and environmental constraints. The route also needed to be setback from residential properties, away from environmentally sensitive areas, have minimal crossings with other roadways and avoid splitting land where possible.

The proposed schedule for the Jansen CN Rail Spur construction begins with rail earthworks in April 2023 and both track and signal work in August 2024, subject to regulatory approvals including a review by the Canadian Transportation Agency.

Section 98 Application and Contact

Section 98 Application

CN’s application was filed with the Canadian Transportation Agency. CN invites you to review CN’s application and relevant documentation by clicking on the links available below. (Note: please be patient as some files are large and will take time to load)

Section 98 Application Document


Potash Community Enquiry,

Scott Brown, CN Public Affairs Manager,

Brent Ballingall, CN Director of Indigenous Affairs,


About the Jansen Potash Project

BHP’s Jansen Potash Project is located approximately 140 kilometres east of Saskatoon. The mine, which is expected to produce approximately 4.35 million tonnes of potash per year (Jansen Stage 1), will be the most sustainable potash mine in the world. The mine will ship potash by rail direct to North America, and further abroad to international markets through Westshore Terminals at Roberts Bank, British Columbia. Efficient and reliable rail service will be critical with connections to both of Canada’s Class 1 rail carriers, Canadian National (CN) and Canadian Pacific Railway (CP).

Through the duration of Jansen Stage 1, it is expected much of BHP’s C$7.5 billion investment will be spent in Canada with a C$1.8 billion direct and indirect contribution to the local GDP in the six years of construction, prior to operating. Employment numbers will build gradually through construction, peaking around 2025 with approximately 3,500 workers on site and decreasing as construction nears completion, estimated for 2027. Once the Jansen mine transitions into operations and the mine ramps up over two years, it is expected 600 employees will be required. When the project transitions from construction into mine operations, BHP has committed to employing 20% Indigenous people and having a gender balanced workforce starting day one of operations.

Jensen Map

Jansen CN Rail Spur

For more information about the project, please get in touch. Call or email. 1-888-888-5909